Grass Fed Beef
                                                  Beef done right

~Due to the ongoing drought, we are not able to offer beef at this time~

We maintain a mixed herd of mostly heritage breed cattle.  We have some purebred Dutch Belted cattle, and a little Red Brangus for good measure.  They grow up out here on grass, without chemicals, insecticides or grain, and they are delicious!

We never feed grain or chicken manure or trash or bread to our cattle because they were never meant to eat all that.

Our steers are grown out for 2-3 years before being processed for you, then are dry aged, cut and vacuum sealed. 

We utilize rotational grazing for the health of the pasture and the animals, and offer kelp and salt free choice.

We currently sell beef in bundles, quarters and halves.  Being a small farm, we don't produce nearly as much as we could sell, but this keeps the quality high.  Our beef is wonderful stuff!
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Compared to corn fed beef, Grass fed beef is:

* Lower in saturated fat

* Higher in Vitamin E

* Higher in CLA (which may help prevent cancer)

* More Omega 3's (2-4 TIMES as much!)

* More Beta Carotene

* More beneficial minerals

* More B vitamins