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Welcome to Hanson Family Farm!  Hopefully, you found our site because you are looking to learn more about cleanly raised meat and poultry, or are ready to start feeling better about what you feed your family.  Either way, we are so glad you found us!

"Right now, the food industry creates patients for the health care industry."    Michael Pollan

Given a choice between cheap food with expensive healthcare, and real food with less need for healthcare, we choose to eat well.  Which do you choose?

We are a small family farm, located in Saint Hedwig, Texas.  We do not ship any of our fresh products, since we believe it is important for all of us to change the way we think about the way we acquire food.  Currently, we offer on farm sales and a couple of regular drop points with scheduled deliveries, and we can be found most Saturdays from 9-1 at the La Vernia Farmers Market, in the parking lot of the LaVernia country Store.  Contact us if you are interested in hosting a drop point or joining an existing drop.  For those folks not geographically near us, we encourage you to check to find a producer near you. 
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