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We do not ship our fresh products.  The only thing we can ship is our wonderful soap.  I will ship our soap anywhere in the U.S. at the lowest possible cost to you!  To order soap, please contact us by email.  To order our fresh products, please use our order form.



Beef is sold in halves or quarters for $4.25/lb hanging weight.  This is the weight the processing facility gives us after the animal has been killed, hung and eviscerated.  This means that we do not know an exact weight to quote you a final price until the animal is killed.  We can estimate, but it's an inexact science, and your flexibility is appreciated.  The good news is that the more you pay, the more meat you get, and the less meat you get, the less you pay.  We require a deposit of $50.00 to reserve a quarter for you, $100.00 for a half.  This helps reassure us that you are a serious buyer, and reserves your spot on the waiting list.  We do maintain a list in the off season, and will contact people a couple of months out to confirm interest and collect a deposit at that time. 
We now offer freezer bundles, grill packs and steak bundles! 
-Freezer Bundles-
These are an average of 25lb package of meat perfect for smaller freezers, or smaller households.  They include ground beef, chuck steaks, chuck roast, short ribs, meaty beef shanks for soups and round steaks.  All the slow-cooker favorites!  Freezer bundles are also available without the ground beef for the same price.
-Grill Packs-
These packages run about 15-18 lbs, and contain cuts like sirloin steaks, T-bones and rib chops (ribeyes with the bone left in for flavor) and ground beef.  These are perfect for grilling enthusiasts.  You have not had a steak until you have eaten a grass fed steak, grilled to perfection and fork-tender! 
-Steak Bundles-
This is the grill pack, without the ground.  Just the steaks, baby.  These range from 10-15 lbs.

Beef is picked up at the farm or at drop points.

We do have a pork CSA, where members can pay a monthly fee to purchase half a hog, and have it cut to their specifications.
Freezer bundles are a sampling of cuts including cutlets, chops, bacon, hocks, country style ribs, spareribs, and ground.  Freezer bundles range from 20-25# and sell for $7.25/lb.  Contact us to order one, we'll put it together for you and let you know what the final weight is.
We also offer individual cuts for sale on our order form.

Pork can be picked up from drop points or on farm.

Honey is offered in very limited runs. The sizes available are:
8oz squeeze bottle
16oz squeeze bottle
5lb squeeze bottle

All-vegetable and milk soaps sell for $4.00 per bar.
Each bar is typically about 5oz.  These can be picked up from the farm or drop points, or shipped.