Hanson Family Philosophy

Our first goal was to provide ourselves and our family with the healthiest food possible.  The more we learned about the horrors of the food industry, the more we felt called to provide this highest quality food to other families also.
Why do we do this?  Why do we get up early, spend so much money at the feed store and time doing repairs?  Why do we work so hard?  We do this because we love it.  We do this because we believe in what we're doing. 
Here is the nitty gritty on what's important to us:

We believe that there is a better way to raise food than the model that US Agriculture has hung its hat on.  There is a way that doesn't involve cramming far too many animals into confinement houses and denying them access to fresh air, sunshine and dirt, or feeding grain to animals who have no business eating it, just to bring them to market weight faster.

Once you change the model, and take the animals out of the overloaded houses and feedlots and put them on fresh green pasture, the most amazing things happen!  The animals stop exhibiting signs of stress, such as picking at each other; so questionable practices like de-beaking are no longer necessary.  They are no longer eating animal remains and the manure of other animals, or breathing dirty air, thick with the ammonia fumes and fecal dust of confinement houses and feed lots.  As a result, they stay healthier; thus propping them up with a continual dose of low-level antibiotics is not needed. 

When you respect the rhythms of nature and don't force the animals to grow at such an alarming rate, you don't need to use growth hormones of any kind.  Finally, when you put the animals out on green pasture in the sunshine, they have access to so many beneficial things:  green plants, for chloraphyll which detoxifies their bodies, sunshine, for vitamin D, and in the case of chickens and turkeys, bugs, for nutrition as well as natural grit, which they need for healthy digestion.

What does this mean for you?  This means that there is less of the "bad stuff" in our food, and more of the "good stuff."

No Hormones
No Antibiotics
No Arsenic
Less Saturated Fat
No feeding animal waste (or animal parts) to animals
No feeding grains to animals who aren't designed to eat grain
More Vitamins and Minerals
More CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
(may help prevent cancer)
More Omega 3 fatty acids
(beneficial to heart health)

We produce food that you can feel good about eating!

The pasture raised model is one that changes animal manure from a liability and source of pollution, into an asset that further enhances the fertility of our pastures.  Because the animals are not densely concentrated into one small space, the manure is applied at a rate no higher than the fields can use it.  Our farm does not contaminate nearby water with the runoff from each rainfall.  We are working to increase the levels of organic matter in the soil to restore natural balance and biodiversity, as well as the soil's ability to absorb rainfall.

We are committed to each of our animals and their well-being.  We are committed to stewardship of the environment.  Finally, we are committed to improving the state of farming in this country.  Out here, the idea that to be a farmer means you have to be destitute and work in hazardous, dirty conditions just doesn't fly.  It's time to start knowing how our food is produced, and knowing and honoring those who produce it.  Understand that higher quality products come with a higher price tag but it's worth every penny.  We ask our customers to meet us halfway by being willing to pay a fair price for their food.  You can trust that there are no secrets here; no shady practices or hidden rooms.  You can trust that we produce only the best possible products here, because we feed them to our own children.

It's an ongoing adventure, and we hope you'll join us for the ride.

Healthier, delicious food that is responsibly produced
Quality of life, for the both the farmers and the animals
Stewardship of the earth