Handcrafted Soaps

                  You never knew soap could be like this

Since WWII, when it became necessary to conserve fats for the war effort, most conventional "soap" has been made with petroleum products and a long list of ingredients most folks can't pronounce.  Technically speaking, then, most "soaps" are actually detergents!  For years now, companies have been stripping the moisturizing properties out of these bars, and selling them back to you in the form of lotions, which you most certainly need, after washing your skin with a detergent.
We like to leave well enough alone out here, and just leave the wonderful moisturizing goodness in the soap itself.  This means, of course, that we can't  produce them as cheaply as their chemical counterparts, but our customers understand that.  We don't try to make a cheaper product, just a better one.

We also like to practice full circle farming as much as possible.  We are always working toward producing more and more of the ingredients in our soaps right here on the farm.  We currently offer all-vegetable, or vegan soaps, made without animal products that may include herb and flower ingredients from our garden or oatmeal for gentle scrubbing.  We also offer a milk soap with an entire quart of pure, whole, farm fresh milk in every 18 bar batch!  Both of these are wonderfully moisturizing, and conditioning enough to use in place of shaving cream.  Our fragrance offerings vary with the seasons, and we do try to accomodate special requests.

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